Tunes From Down Under

For some reasons, of which Midnight Oil is Number One, there is a special place in my heart for Aussie music. This is a list of what I have found and gathered to my collection so far.

Notice 30 March, 2012: This list is out-of-date (I have to make a new inventory and add couple of hundred missing titles and bands)


Here She Comes, 5-trk CD, Zinn Records, 021332
Androids, The, CD, Zinn Records, 336232


Breathing Tornados, CD, Modular Recordings, MODCD002
Something Borrowed, Something Blue, 5-trk ltd. ed. Sample-CD, Modular Recordings, MODCDS015
Something To Remember Me By, CD, Modular Recordings, MODCD007


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, CD, Hot, Hot 1029
On The Quiet, CD, Hot, Mail 4
Platters Du Jour, CD, Hot, Hot 1033-34
Sofa, CD, Hot, Hot 1043 CD
Spaceman In A Satin Suit, CD, Hot, Hot 1047 CD
A Mid-Stream Of Consciousness, CD, Oracle Records, ODCD-0303
Yizgarnnoff, CD, Hot, Hot-1041CD


After Everything Now This, CD, Cooking Vinyl, COOK CD209
Best Of The Church, The
, CD, Mushroom Records, MUSH332332
Blurred Crusad, The
, Double-CD, Emi Music Australia, 7243 5 39496 0 0
, Double-CD, Emi Music Australia, 7243 5 39480 0 9


Dirty Three, CD, Shock Records, TORNCD6
Sad & Dangerous, CD, Shock Records, TORNCD10


Fuzz Face, 4-trk CD, MurMur, MATTCD033


Ghostwriters, CD, Virgin Records Australia, VOZCD2055
Second Skin
, 3-trk CD, Mercury Records, 852 7262
Second Skin, CD, Mercury Records, 5321992
Impossible Shame, 3-trk CD, Mercury Records, 5781012


Blue Cave, CD, Mushroom Records, TNSD0136
Come Anytime, Promo-CD, BMG Music, 8998-2-RDJ
Crank, CD, BMG Music, 72445-11094-2
Mars Needs Guitars!, Elektra/Asylum Records, 960485-2
Nothing's Changing My Life, 3-trk CD,EMI, 5480762
The Right Time, 3-trk Promo-CD, BMG Arista Ariola, 7432116898-2
The Right Time, CD, BMG Arista Ariola, 72445-14169-2
Waking Up Tired, 3-trk CD, Mushroom Records, D1334


Cut, CD, Mushroom Records, TVD91023
Demon Flower, CD, Shake, SALD220
Demons In Amsterdam, 6-trk Free Bonus-Live-CD, White
Fate, CD, MCA Records, IRSD-42110
The Fireman's Curse, CD, Mushroom Records, D19491
Ghost Nation, CD, Mushroom Records, D53314
Human Frailty, CD, MCA Records, IRSD-42024
Hunters & Collectors, 3-trk CD, BMG, 74321 18492 2
Jaws Of Life, The, CD, Mushroom Records, D19492
Juggernaut, CD, White, MUSH33081.2
Living... In Large Rooms And Lounges, Double-CD, Mushroom Records, D98017
Living Single... In Large Rooms And Lounges, 5-trk CD, Mushroom Records, D1227
Natural Selection, Ltd. ed. Double-CD, Liberation Blue, BLUE034.5
Suit Your Style, 3-trk CD, Mushroom Records, MUSH01750.2
Under One Roof, Live-CD, Mushroom Records, MUSH33176.2
We The People, 2-trk CD, Mushroom Records, D16038


The Hunting Party, Sony Music Australia, 485292-2


Elegantly Wasted, CD, Mercury, 534613-2
Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, CD, Mercury, 518637-2
Greatest Hits, CD, Mercury, 526230-2
Live Baby Live, CD, Mercury, 510580-2
Swing, The, CD, Mercury, 818-553-2
Taste It, 1-trk Promo-CD, INX, INXRC23
Welcome To Wherever You Are, CD, Mercury, 512507-2
X, CD, Mercury, 846668-2


Contraband: The Best Of Men At Work, CD, Columbia, 484011-2

MIDNIGHT OIL (updated February 15, 2013)

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, CD, Columbia, 462486-2
20.000 Watt R.S.L.
, CD, Sony Music, 488866-2
20.000 Watt R.S.L., Demonstration CD, Columbia, ACK 68848
Armistice Day, Special Ltd. Ed. 3-trk Promo-CD, Columbia, SAMPCD1637
Armistice Day, 2-trk Promo-CD, CBS, 655927.2
Bedlam Bridge, 2-trk 3"-CD, CBS, 656316-2
Bedlam Bridge, 2-trk CD, CBS, 656316-2
Beds Are Burning, 1-trk CD, Sony Music Australia/France, SAMPCS 4722 (2 copies)
Beds Are Burning, 4-trk CD, CBS, CD OIL 1
Beds Are Burning, 4-trk CD, Kintoris Mix, CBS, CD OIL 3
Beds Are Burning, 4-trk CD, Columbia, 651015-9
Beds Are Burning, 3-trk CD, Columbia, 658235-2
Beds Are Burning, 4-trk Live-CD, Columbia, 658211-2 (2 copies)
Best Of Both Worlds, DVD+CD pack, Universal Music Australia, 13830
Best Of The B-Sides, The, 8-trk Demonstration-CD, Columbia, CSK 3466
Bird Noises, 4-trk CD, CBS, 466681-2
Blue Sky Mine, 2-trk 3"-CD, CBS, 655671-3 (2 copies)
Blue Sky Mine, 4-trk CD, CBS, CD OIL 5
Blue Sky Mine, 1-trk Promo-CD, Columbia, CSK 72350
Blue Sky Mining, CD (without bonus track), Columbia, 465653-2
Blue Sky Mining, CD with bonus track "You May Not Be Released", Columbia, 465653-2
Blue Sky Mining, 1-trk CD, Columbia, CSK 73250
Blue Sky Mining Interview Disc, CBS, SAMP 258CD (2 copies)
Breathe, 4-trk Promo-CD, Columbia, XPCD 831 (2 copies)
Breathe, 4-trk Promo-CD, Columbia, SAMPCD 3725 (2 copies)
Breathe, CD, Columbia, 485402-9
Capricornia, CD + Interview-CD, Columbia, 5062032000
Cemetery In My Mind, 4-trk CD, Columbia, 666287-2
Dead Heart, The, 3-trk CD, CBS, CD OIL 2
Dead Heart, The, 3-trk 3"-CD with adapter, CBS, 651585-2
Dead Heart, The, 4-trk CD, CBS, CD OIL 4
Dead Heart, The, 3-trk Demonstration CD, Columbia, CSK 1219 (2 copies)
Diesel And Dust, CD, Columbia, 460005-2
Diesel And Dust, Limited Ed. w. Bonus DVD, Sony BMG Australia, 88697176532
Dreamworld, 3-trk 3"-CD, CBS, 653051-3
Drums Of Heaven, 1-trk Demonstration-CD, Columbia, CSK 5071
Earth And Sun And Moon, Sample-CD With 4-Fould Sleeve, Columbia, 473605-2
Earth And Sun And Moon, CD, Columbia, 473605-2
Earth And Sun And Moon, Promo-CD, Columbia, SAMPCD 1782
Earth And Sun And Moon, Promo Interview Disc, Sony Music Australia, SAMP 466
Essential Oils, 2CD, Sony Music, 88725497632
Flat Chat
, CD, Sony BMG Australia, 82876874092 (2 copies)
Forgotten Years, 3-trk 3"-CD, CBS, 655879-3
Forgotten Years, 4-trk CD, CBS, CD OIL 6
Forgotten Years, 4-trk Promo-CD, Columbia, 44K 73192
Forgotten Years, 1-trk Demonstration-CD, Columbia, CSK 73336
Forgotten Years, 4-trk Collectors Ed. Oil Can CD, Packed on metal can, CBS, CD OIL 6
Golden Age, 1-trk CD, Columbia, SAMP2418 (2 copies)
General Wiranto's Reworked Version Of Feelings, 1-trk Promo-CD, Sony Music, OIL-1
Green Disk, The
, Demonstration-CD, CBS, CSK 2038
Head Injuries, CD, Columbia, 450903-2
In The Valley, 4-trk CD, Columbia, 659780-2
In The Valley, 4-trk CD, Columbia, 659849-2
In The Valley, 1-trk Promo-CD, Columbia, XPCD 334
King of the Mountain
, 12" Nixmix, 1-trk Demonstration CD, Columbia, CSK 2172
Midnight Oil, CD, CBS, 450902-2
Mosquito March, 1-trk Promo-CD, Columbia, SAMP2516
My Country, 2-trk Cardsleeve CD, Columbia, 659370-1 (2 copies)
My Country, 4-trk CD, Part 1 Of 2-CD Set, Columbia, 659370-2
My Country, 2-trk Demonstration CD, Columbia, CSK 77027
My Country
, 3-trk CD, Columbia, 659412-2
My Country, 3-trk CD, Part 2 Of 2-CD Set, Columbia, 659370-5
My Country, 5-trk CD, Columbia, 44K 77227
No Man's Land, 3-trk CD, Universal Music Australia, RSS0003
Outbreak Of Love, 2-trk CD w. spec. unrel. B-side Ships of Freedom, Columbia, 38K 77090
Outbreak Of Love, 2-trk Promo-CD, Columbia, CSK 5257
Place Without A Postcard, CD, Columbia, 460897-2
Put Down That Weapon, 4-trk 3"-CD, CBS, 654705-3
Real Thing, The, 1-trk Promo-CD, Columbia, 899.904/2-495811
Real Thing, The, 2-trk CD, Columbia, 669404.2
Real Thing, The, CD + Ltd. Ed. Interview-CD, Columbia, 498278.9
Red Sails In The Sunset, CD, CBS, CBSCD 26355
Redneck Wonderland, CD, Columbia, 489971-2
Redneck Wonderland, Advance Promotional CD, Columbia, CSK 41552
Redneck Wonderland, 2-trk CD, Columbia, 666087-2
Scream In Blue, Live-CD, Columbia, 471453-2
Sometimes, 1-trk Demonstration-CD, Columbia, CSK 4560
Sometimes, 5-trk CD, Columbia, 657899-2
Sometimes, 2 x 3-trk Double-CD, Columbia, 658015-2 & 658015-5
Species Deceases, 4-trk CD, CBS, 466682-2
Surf's Up Tonight, 4-trk CD, Columbia, 654008-2
Surf's Up Tonight, 1-trk CD, Columbia, 664008-1
Too Much Sunshine, 1-trk CD-Promo, Sony Music Studios Sydney
Truganini, 12 Inch Mixes CD, Columbia, 659295-2
Truganini, 2-trk Collector's Ltd. Ed. Numbered CD (No. 02014), Columbia, 659049-1
Truganini, 2-trk CD Cardsleeve, Columbia, 659049-1
Truganini, 4-trk CD, Part 1 of Double-CD, Columbia, 659049-2 (2 copies)
Truganini, 4-trk CD, Part 2 Of Double-CD, Columbia, 659049-5
Truganini, 1-trk CD, Columbia, CSK 74933
Underwater, 2-trk Promo-CD, Columbia, 663736-1
Underwater, 2-trk CD, Columbia, 663699-1
Underwater, 2-trk CD, Columbia, 663736-2
White Skin Black Heart, 4-trk CD, Columbia, 665094-2


Double Allergic, CD, Polydor, 533153-2
Internationalist, CD, Polydor, 559201-2
Like A Dog, 3-trk CD, Universal, 587945-2
Love Your Way, Ltd. ed. 4-trk CD, Universal, 9811258
Love Your Way, 3-trk CD, Universal, WR5025303
Metre, The, 5-trk CD, Universal, 587190-2
My Happiness, 4-trk CD, Universal, 561997-2
Odyssey Number Five, CD, Universal, 549092-2
On My Mind, 3-trk CD, Universal, WR5024873
Parables For Wooden Ears, CD, Polydor, 522570-2
Passenger, 6-trk CD, Universal, 563939-2
Since You've Been Gone, 3-trk CD signed by band members, Universal, 9816573
Since You've Been Gone, 3-trk CD, Universal, 9816573
Sunsets, 4-trck CD, Universal, 9813557
Sunsets, 5-trk DVD, Universal, 9813658
Vulture Street, CD, Universal, 9808765


All Fools Day, CD, Mushroom Records, MUSH32475.2
Big Hits On The Underground, Double-CD, Last Call Records, 305151-2
Everybody Knows The Monkey, CD, Amsterdamned Records, 70019-2
Know Your Prodct... The Best Of, CD, Emi Records, 7243 8 53779 2 1
A Little Madness To Be Free, CD, Mushroom Records, MUSH32398.2


To The Moon And Back, 5-trk CD, Columbia, 664634-2


Blood Red River 1982-1984, CD, Citadel, CITCD5432
Pissed On Another Planet, Ltd. ed. Double-CD, Citadel, CITCD557


Don't You Know Me?, 4-trk CD, Mushroom Records, 019952
King Without A Clue, Promo-CD with ltd. ed. 5-trk Live-CD, Mushroom Records, MUSH33040.2
One Eyed Man, CD, Mushroom Records, 333432


Freak Show, CD, Sony Music, EK67905


Coming Home, 3-trk CD, Chatterbox Records, CB025
Hëj, 3-trk CD, Chatterbox Records, CB012
Naughty, 5-trk CD, Chatterbox Records, CB013
Newport Nightmare / Strawberry Deluxe, 5-trk CD + Film Clip CD, Chatterbox Records, CB015
Too Fat For Tahiti, CD, Chatterbox Records, CB009


Do The Pop! The Australian Garage-Rock Sound 1976-87, Double-CD, Shock Records, DTP1976
The Power & The Passion ...A Tribute To Midnight Oil, CD, Zomba Records Australia, TM013
Punk'O'Clock III, Double-CD, Care Factor, CF?021


Best Work, 3-trk CD, Warner Music Australia, 0927489252
Blow Up The Pokies (I Wish I...), 5-trk CD, Warner Music Australia, 8573831852
Eternal Nightcap, CD, Black Yak Records, BYOA7
Fall For You, 6-trk CD, Warner Music Australia, 0927471062
Friends Of The Whitlams Exclusive CD, 3-trk CD, Black Yak Records, FOW-01
I Make Hamburgers, 5-trk CD, Black Yak Records, BYOE3
Introducing, CD, Phantom, PHMCD-27
Love This City, CD, Warner Music Australia, 3984297282
Made Me Hard, 4-trk CD, Warner Music Australia, 8573879822
Melbourne, 5-trk CD, Black Yak Records, BYOAE10
No Aphrodisiac, 5-trk CD, Black Yak Records, BYOE8
Royal In The Afternoon, 5-trk CD, Warner Music Australia, 0927493762
Torch The Moon, CD, Warner Music Australia, 0927457942
Torch The Moon, Ltd. ed. Double-CD, Warner Music Australia, 0927459362
Undeniably, CD, Black Yak Records, BYO-A.1.
Undeniably, CD + CD-ROM, Black Yak Records, BYOA20
You Sound Like Louis Burnett, 4-trk CD, Black Yak Records, BYOE6


Freedom, CD, Hollywood Records, HR-61451-2
Tribal Voice, CD, Hollywod Records, HR-61288-2


Hi Fi Way, CD, BMG Australia, 74321439662